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New Video #Tutorial - Tealigth Card

Hi there,
and hope that you had a great Christmas!
Today is my new tutorial video finished and here is the final result of the Tealigth Card.

 Front of the card

And inside of the card, lots of space for a message to the reciver.

Layout for the card.

Happy Creating;)
Anki J

Merry #Christmas

Merry Christmas & Happy New 2015!

No time at all...

Hi there,
things not working out that I thought it should, so my next video is going to be a little bit delayed. For Christmas we are having a big party here at our house so to much to do!
Hope you forgive me for the video ;)

Happy Creating;)
Anki J

New #Tab for my Video-Tutorials

Hi there,
I have make a new tab for my Video-Tutorials. You can visiting it just by clicking on the "Video" tab above here on the blog.

On my way to make a new Video-Tutorial hope it will be finished in a couple of days!

Was at a party to my Thai friend "Nim's house", here you can see 4 happy ladies!

Happy Creation;)
Anki J

A small box for Big #Tealights

Hi there,
Yes I did it!!  My first video for Youtube is finished, and you can see the result here.

For this video you need:
1 cardstock 10" x 5 7/8"
1 piece decorpaper/cardstock 2 1/8" x 2 1/8" for the top of the Box.
4 pieces decorpaper/cardstock 2 1/8" x 1,5" for the sides of the Box.
2 small cardstock of your choice, for the dies,
#Spellbinders Dies Nestabilities "Lacey Circles" S4-293 and "Standard Circles Large" S4-114.
Round stamp of your choice, and a small piece of paper/cardstock to stamp on.

Hope that you enyojed as much as I did, next time will be a better video, still learning.

Happy Creation;)
Anki J

Recording is in progress

Hi there,
I'm so excited I have just bought a stand for my videocamera, so today I'm going to try to make a recording of my tutorials.

Hope that I can share it in a few days.

Happy Creating;)
Anki J

#Tutorial #ExplodingBox

Hi there,
it's still very hot here in Thailand for the season around +34C every day, phuuu, like it better when it is around +28C. Today I going to share a tutorial of a Exploding Box.
In the end of this tutorial you have a video how to do!

2 cardstock 12x12 " Bottom and Lid.

caixa surpresa, cartao surpresa, scrapbook, dia dos namorados, dia das maes
Here you can see the measure and the marks to score the box bottom.

 To score the diagonal corners I use a ruler and the stylus on my Magnetic Cutting Mat.

 I mark the 4 corner in heart shape and cut it out.

 Fold the heart shaped corner

Distress all edges and scorings, both inside and outside.

 Stamp your message inside the box. I used a christmas stamp from my "stash"

I cut out 4 pieces 3 1/8"x 3 1/8" of christmas paper and glue it on the outside of the box.

Internal pocket, 1 sheet 11 3/4 "x 11 3/4", score and cut as above. i did mine in green cardstock.

Cut/punch out a small piece in the middleof the edge of each pocket, distressed the Internal pocket in -brushed corduroy- on all edges and also cut out 4 pieces 3 3/8" x 4 1/8" in lightgreen cardstock, that I punched a decorating edge, for the inside pocket. 

 Decorated the 4 pocket with some nice papper, 2 5/8" x 3 7/8", remember to cut/punch as same as the Internal pocket, and distress the edges.

 Tie a wire around 2 of the pieces and glue them on the Internal pocket.

 Here is my finished result of the inside box.

Down here is the Lidfor the box. You start with a 12" x 12" red cardstock
 caixa surpresa, cartao surpresa, scrapbook, dia dos namorados, dia das maes caixa surpresa, cartao surpresa, scrapbook, dia dos namorados, dia das maes
caixa surpresa, cartao surpresa, scrapbook, dia dos namorados, dia das maes caixa surpresa, cartao surpresa, scrapbook, dia dos namorados, dia das maes
 Just follow the instructions here above and use a cutting Mat,stylus and a ruler for the scoring, it is a little bit tricky.

I decorated the outside of the lid, for the Top I cut out from paper 1 piece 3 7/8" x 3 7/8", and for the side of it 4 pieces 3 7/8" x 1 7/8"

 Cut out from JustRite "Vintage Labels Four" as above, Punch a hole in the golded one and glue together, decorate and tie it on the boxlid.

Here is my finished Exploding Box!

Hope You enjoyed it as much as I did, see you soon!

Happy Creation;)
Anki J

#ChocolateCard with Hunkydory's Essentials

Hi there,
todays #Tutorial is a chocolate card, perfect to give away! I did it with papper from Hunkydory and cardstock that I bought in Tesco here in Thailand, it is 180 gsm and A4 and smells a little bit of perfume (typical thai), they also lustre a little bit.

 Cut 1 cardstock in 4 7/8" x 6 3/4" for this small Lindt chocolate bar. ( I made 2 to make another card)

 Score and fold at 1 1/2", 1 7/8", 4 1/8" and 4 1/2"

 Punch the edge of your choice on the side that you had score at 1 1/2".

Cut 2 pieces 7/8" x 2 3/8", and Score at 1" and 1 3/8"

Decorate the inside of the card, I use some of
my Hunkydory papper in pink, brown and gold.

Glue or tape the 2 pieces of the punched side of the card  to make a pocket for the chocolate bar.
 Don't forget the tiny little piece in the middle.

Glue or tape the 2 ribbon on each side of the "outside" of the card.

Decorate the outside of the card with some matching cardstock.
 Cut/emboss 1 pice of #Spellbinders  Lacey Circles S4-293 in gold cardstock. And also punch out a decoration for the inside of the card, it has to be flat. This one is from Stumpin Up.

 Cut/embosse 1 pice of "Spanish collection - Seville" from Sue Wilson use the smallest die on paper or cardstock.

 I made a flower from petals from my "stash".

I glue the flowers and the "Seville" pices in to the card, ready to wright my message on it to the reciver.

Hope that you like the tutorial and that it was easy to understand.
I would likte to have some constructive criticism so I can be better in the future!

Happy Creation;)
Anki J

#How-to make a clean edge when you Embosse/Stencil

Hi there,

this video is sharing how to make a nice edge of your die-cuts, and in the same time you embosse it to.

I'm going to try that on my  #BigShot.

Happy Creation;)

Anki J

New Tag for my #Tutorial

Hi there,
I hope that you have seen that I put all my tutorials in to a tag, you can see it up to the left here on my blog.
In the future I wish that I also could do some video of my tutorials, but do not have a nice videocamera jet for that. And also have to learn how to make movies!

Happy Creating;)
Anki J

Purse #Tutorial

Hi there,
today I'm sharing a beautiful tutorial for a Purse! (Sorry it is in Swedish, use the translation button).
So here we go.....

Du behöver ett cardstock och skär ut följande:
20 x 15 cm - blir bakstycke och lock

10 x 15 cm - blir framstycke

5 x 9 cm (2 st) - blir sidostycken till väskan

5 x 13 cm - blir botten

7 x 12 cm - blir fickan

5,7 x 3 cm (2 st) -blir sidostycken till fickan

3 x 12 cm - blir botten på fickan

Lättast är att sätta på mönstrat papper innan man sätter ihop alla delar. Jag har också rundat av hörnen, utom på bottendelen.

Biga dom två sidostyckena till väskan och botten på 1 och 4 cm.

Limma fast sidostyckena kant i kant längst ner på bakstycket.

Sen monterar jag fast bottendelen och då ser det ut så här.

Limma fast framdelen, då bör det se ut så här..

Sen sätter jag fast sido- och bottenstycke på fickdelen,

och limmar fast på framstycket. Jag tycker att ca 1 cm från nederkant är lagom.

Sen är det bara att böja ner locket och fästa locket med magneter eller låsanordning av något slag.

Sen återstår bara det roliga att dekorera väskan :)

Hope that you enjoyed it as much as I did!

Happy Creation;)
Anki J

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