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Today is one of our grandsons first birthday, so we are going to cellebrate that with our big family. Happy Birthday Colin!

Still working with by blog

Ok, so now I'm back in Sweden. Nice Clean air, and just around 0 degrees Celsius. Have some small issues about the blog, but I'm still working on it. Hope that I can start to create some nice cards next week... Happy Creation ;)

Last night in Paradise

So this is going to be our last night in Paradise, tomorrow we are flying back home to Sweden. I realy looking forward to se our sons and all the grandkids. Next week I hope to start with some cardmaking Happy Creation :)

Well now I'm on the bloging again

Ok, so now I have finished my blog, hope that you like it and that you going to follow me here. I going to make some tutorial of all kinde of crafting that I do. So come on here we go....

Happy Crafting ;)

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