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#Christmas Tag with JustRite die and stamp

Good morning Everybody!
First I have to Congrats to Sue Wilsons blog, she have reach the 5100 followers. So tomorrow I will take away the image to the left here on my blog and annonce the winner on that contest. (hope it is me)
Can't belive that it is not so far away to Christmas. So I have to catch up and start create some Christmas Cards.
Here is my 2 first #Christmas Tags, they are very cute, lovely and of course very easy to make.
This also going in to my #Etsy shop.

I use the #Stamp and #Dies from JustRite, distress around them and put just a smal green rhinestone on each. I use red embossingpowder on the first on, that give it a very nice structure.

Happy Creation;)
Anki J

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