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#ChristmasCard with #Spellbinder Dies 3D Christmas Tree

Hi there,
Have being buisy with creating some christmas cards, and now I have one here for the blog.

The base is A5, cardstock in cardboard color, I cut our 1 pice of green cardstock just a little smaller than the A5, and 1 pice of red cardstock even smaller than the green one.
Toke 2 pices of different kind of thiner paper. 

 I embossed the sentiment with red embossingpowder

 Matting and layering the green pice to the base. Importent that you do it like this otherwise you can't put the ribbon on the last pice. matting and layering the red pice to the 2 smaller paper pices and put the red ribbon over them. Now you can glue the red pice on the green one.

Time to decorate...
 Inside is blank and you can leve your message to the reciver.
Hope that you enjoyed it as much as I did!

Happy Creation:)
Anki J


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