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Purse #Tutorial

Hi there,
today I'm sharing a beautiful tutorial for a Purse! (Sorry it is in Swedish, use the translation button).
So here we go.....

Du behöver ett cardstock och skär ut följande:
20 x 15 cm - blir bakstycke och lock

10 x 15 cm - blir framstycke

5 x 9 cm (2 st) - blir sidostycken till väskan

5 x 13 cm - blir botten

7 x 12 cm - blir fickan

5,7 x 3 cm (2 st) -blir sidostycken till fickan

3 x 12 cm - blir botten på fickan

Lättast är att sätta på mönstrat papper innan man sätter ihop alla delar. Jag har också rundat av hörnen, utom på bottendelen.

Biga dom två sidostyckena till väskan och botten på 1 och 4 cm.

Limma fast sidostyckena kant i kant längst ner på bakstycket.

Sen monterar jag fast bottendelen och då ser det ut så här.

Limma fast framdelen, då bör det se ut så här..

Sen sätter jag fast sido- och bottenstycke på fickdelen,

och limmar fast på framstycket. Jag tycker att ca 1 cm från nederkant är lagom.

Sen är det bara att böja ner locket och fästa locket med magneter eller låsanordning av något slag.

Sen återstår bara det roliga att dekorera väskan :)

Hope that you enjoyed it as much as I did!

Happy Creation;)
Anki J

#Tutorial for #Spellbinders Gerber daisy #Christmas card S2-066

Hi there, todays christmas card are made from Sue Wilson die - Seville and Spellbinders Gerber Daisy  S2-066.
Here you can see them in red and purple!
 Cut/emboss 4 of the Large Base and 2 of the small Base from red cardstock.
Cut/emboss the petal die 8 times through your die-cut machine, from red cardstock. 
(now you got 16 petals of each size).

 Cut/emboss 3 Disc Florets from red cardstock. With die cut remaining in the die, 
Distress the florets with -black soot-.

Cut/emboss 5 Leaves and 1 Calyx from green cardstock. With
die cut remaining in the die, Distress the leaves and the calyx
with -black soot-. 

 Add the same color to the petal die cut pieces, and only in the base of the petal,
not to the end! 

Shape the Disc Floret fringe with the stylus and (I use) a mouse pad, and then fluff the edges with your fingers.
Using a stylus or pen barrel, shape the petals on each flower by rolling it around
the stylus.
 Add glue to the tips on the Large petal base and insert 8 Large petals into 
the small notches, if you have problem with this, you can open them up a litle bit.
Do this with all of your petals and bases. 
You'll have 2 large, 2 medium and 2 small flower bases when you are done. 

 Shape 3 of the leaves, just litle, and glue the calyx and the leaves to the back of
the Gerber.

 Glue your flower together by staggering the petal layers to create your layered 
flower base. Once your flower is stacked, use the tip of the stylus to press 
down in the center until the glue is set.

 Cut/emboss Fancy Lattice Expandable Pattern from white cardstock. 
Cut/emboss Spanish collection - Seville, the largest die in green cardstock,
and the second largest in white cardstock. 
 With a Pencil/pen draw outside the bigest die, on green cardstock.

 And then cut it out.
 Now you should have all this layers.
 Glue the Fancy Lattice Expandable Pattern on the bakside of the frame, make shore that you put the Fancy Lattice backside too.
 Glue the red foil  back of the Fancy Lattice Expandable, and then the green handcuted piece. Also glue a ribbon to this piece. see how it is on the finished card.
 Matting and layering the 2 pieces of green and white cardstock together. You have 2 of this set.
 Put a nice ribbon on one of them and glue that inside the A5 base.
And the other one you glue to the front of your card.
 On the backside of your handcuted green cardstock you put some 3D foam tape.
 Cut/emboss Spanish collection - Seville, the smalest die in green cardstock and one in white cardstock.
 Cut the green in half.
 And put some 3D tape as I have done here abowe.
Married the white piece and the green pices so they sticking out just 1 mm on each side of the white cardstock, like a shadow.
 Glue the Gerber daisy to the front of the card and decorate as you wish.

Happy Creating;)
Anki J

A #sneek-Peak...

Hi there,
took some photos in my garden here in Thailand. The first is one orchid that I bought rescently. So lovely colors.
 And this giant bumblebee hit our fan.

And this is a sneek-Peak of what is coming next week, I can tell you it is a #ChristmasCard.

Happy Creating;)
Anki J

#Spellbinders Grand Decorative Ovals Christmas Card #Tutorial

Hi there,
this #Christmascard is made from Spellbinder collection.

 Here is the dies that I used in this project. All from Spellbinders.
I cut/embossed 1 of the smallest die from Grand Ovals in white cardstock.
I cut/embossed 1 of the second smallest die from Grand Ovals in white cardstock.
I cut/embossed 2 of the second largest die in the Grand Decorative Oval set in red cardstock.
I cut/embossed 1 of the second smallest die from the Grand Decorative Oval set in red cardstock, and I also cut out the center of that piece with the second smallest die from the Grand Oval set.

I cut 1 of  Fancy Lattice S5-152 in white cardstock. to use as a mask for the coloring.
I cut/embossed 1 of Fancy Lattice S5-152 in gold cardstock.
 I use the smalles die-cuts from Grand Oval and put the Lace mask over, taped it in place so it's not moving, and just fill out every litle squeres with different colors.
I cut 1 of the smallest die from Grand Oval from acetate.
I cut 1 of the smallest die from Grand Oval from the gold Fancy Lattice
I cut/embossed 1 of the largest die from Floral Ovals S4-356 from white cardstock.
I cut a oval inside the floral ovals that I just die-cut, to get a frame.
Put the gold Fancy  Lattice back of the frame and glue it together.

 I glue the acetate over the colored oval cardstock just on the outer edge, and married the gold Fancy Lattice frame with it, NOW it is importent that you don't see any white between the gold and the colored piece. If you get any glue on the gold parts just whipe them of white a soft cloth.
Put some 3D tape on the backside of it.

 Take 1 of the pices from the big red Grand decorative ovals and messuere 1cm and make a line.
Fold it.
 Take the last pice from Grand Ovals white cardstock and just cut 1 cm of the edge like the photo here below. Glue the red and white ovals toghether.
 And glue the red frame over it.

 Put the red strong tape as on the piccture below.
Glue the colored frame on the front of the card and decorate it with ribbon and colored rhinestones, I also put some small bells in a red thread.
  In the last minute I deside to put a "Merry Christmas" label insid the card, decorated with a rhinestone
 Cut/embosse 2 pices of  Joy Crafts Dies - Fancy Card Stand, glue them together.

Happy Creating;)
Anki J

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