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Birthdaycard tutorial for my Granddaughter Tuva

Hi there,
This beautiful #birthday card is for my granddaughter Tuva, and today is her 9th birthday!

 Here is the tutorial for the card:

I have cut out from white cardstock 20x10,5cm for the front and 21x10,5cm for the back. Score the top on 1 cm on the back pice, fold it and put some doublesided tape on the folded part. Cut a smaller panel of colored cardstock and a even smaller piece of white cardstock, make 2 set of this, one for inside of the card and one for the front. Married the 2 pieces together.
Decorate the front panel as you pleased and glue it on the white front panel. Decorate the inside and remember to make it flat, and glue this on the white back pice. Put the front and the back together and you have a hinge card.

Happy Creating:)
Anki J

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