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Ribbon spool Tutorial

Hi there,
todays #tutorial is a #Ribbon-Spool, and how on earth did I get that idea, well I order a lot of ribbons from Ebay and AlibabaExpress and some times they are not on a spool. I store them on a Receip Keeper. So that's my story. I'm also very lucky to have a #Silhouette Cameo.

*You need a empty paper roll.
*Heavy cardstock. (I use 285gsm)
*Doubblesided tape.
*Scotch Maximum Strengt Adhesive or similar.

I cut the paper roll on the length, so I get it flat, measured it to the same size as the ribbon that it is supposed to store, and add 2-3mm so I'm shore it's fit the ribbon.
I Cut it streight with my Fiskars papercutter.
Cut of a small pice on the short end about 1-2 cm, depend on how much ribbon you need to have on your finished spool.
Put some double sided tape inside one of the ends and outside on the opposite side, Put them together.

I did cut out 6 round pices of heavy cardstock 285gsm for 3 spools on my Cameo, this you also can do with a scissor, these are 8,5cm diameter, and fit about 8-10 meter ribbon. Rember to center a small hole on them.

 I glue the small paper roll, that I made, between 2 round cardstock,

 I also put some extra glue round the edges of the small pice, to secure it from not falling apart.
 Finished!1 Now I can roll on the ribbon, I put a small pice of tape to secure the ribbon.

Hope that you liked this tutorial, even it's not a card or a box etc.

Happy Creation;)
Anki J

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