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Birthday card for Damian

Hi there,

today is my grandson Damian 7'nd birthday, ig boy now!  I made a hinge card for him, and he loves paintball as you can see from the card design.

 This is the front of the hinge card!
Inside and
Here is before I put it together
How to make it:
*I have cut out from white cardstock 20x10,5cm for the front and 21x10,5cm for  the back. 
*Score the top on 1 cm on the back pice, fold it and put some doublesided tape  on the folded part. 
*Cut a smaller panel of colored cardstock and a even smaller piece of white  cardstock, make 2 set of this, one for inside of the card and one for the front.
*Married the 2 pieces together.
*Decorate the front panel as you pleased and glue it on the white front panel.
*Decorate the inside and remember to make it flat, and glue this on the white  back pice. 
*Put the front and the back together and you have a hinge card.

Happy Creation:)
Anki J

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