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Freebie Silhouette week 34

Hi there,
today I'm going to share a #FREESilhouette V3 file with you. I made this one past week and have to share it with you. It's a Color Chart for you to fill with color's that you can work with in your Silhouette Studio software. And down here you can see how I use it.

I use the Color Chart when I'm making colorful designs in Silhouette Studio Design, but if you have the Free version you also can use it.

I'm looking on Pinterest and google image for picctures that I found interesting. For example I just type in the colors that I'm would like to have in my project. Pink, Grey, Mint...
When I have found the colors that I like I open my Silhouette Studio and the Free colorChart Template and just fill in the colors that I'm going to work with.

I copy the picture and past it in to my studio work space (1) and then I start to fill the empty Color Chart with FILL COLOR (2) with the pipette tool . I click on the blank daub, then I take the fill color pipette tool (2) and place that Pipette on the color that I would copy in to my daub, and then I take next color and so on. Some times I only use 3 colors. But that is up to you to decide.

Happy Creating:)
Anki J

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