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Free Shape of the Week from Silhouette Design Store

Hi there,

today is the free Shape of the Week, from Silhouette Design Store, don't forget to download your free design.
To download it go into your Silhouete Studio and on the left toolbar on the Silhouette Logo (Silhouette Design Store) and look for the free shape of the week.

Happy Creating;)
Anki J

Freebie Sunday, week 39, Christmas Tags

Hi there

Oh my gosh, can't belive that Christmas is coming soon...
So here I made some Christmas Tags for you.


Happy Creating;)
Anki J

My own Domainname

Hi there,
today I have reg my own domainname, so from now you can see and search on 

Just a BIG smile from me, because this have being for a looong time on my "to do list".

And remeber to morrow is a new Freebie!!

Happy Creating;)
Anki J

2-in-1 tutorial Dingbats + Fill Pattern in Silhouette.

Hi there,

Dingbats! What a heck is that??

Silhouette Studio Software lets us use any font installed on ourPC's. is one of many webisites, where you can find a lot of image/icon fonts (Dingbats).

Install the Dingbat you going to use, restart Silhouette Studio, in this tutorial I use Mellow Fonts 1
  1. Open The the text style window
  2. Type in the Dingbat font that you are going to use.
  3. Use the text tool to type in font images.  Be sure to use both capital and lower case letters since many times the lower case is the mirror image of the upper case. Remember to click outside the typing area when you are finished.

To turn your Dingbat, if it is not horizontally,

  1. just grabb the litle green dot and press down Shift Key, rotate it 90° CW, and you can feel that it is like a small notch there, Release your finger from the mouse and then from shift Key, 
  2. Or you can open the Rotate window
  3. And click on the symbol.

As you can see here I use the capital case "V" for my dingbats and have also make a "d" in lower case just so you can see. Play around with the Dingbats that you have selected.

 I alwas make a copy before I start do any thing, if some thing gets wrong on the way. I just put that outside my working area.

Open the Replicate window and duplicate below (or it is up to you). Or you can use the duplicate sign in the Bottom Toolbar in the end of your page.

Now to the fun part. Fill Pattern!
  1. Open your Fill Pattern window
  2. Select the pattern.

Go to Advanced Option

  1. Scale Pattern if you like to change it
  2. And move your pattern, 
  3. By draging the litle round symbol untill you are satisfied with it.

  1. Be sure that you have your work marked.
  2. Open the Line Color windows.
  3. Select your color.

  1. Open Line Style
  2. Select your line style.
  3. Make your Line Thickness to 3.0

And now we are Finished!!

This is so lovley and you can use it for many things, like on a photo, letter, digital scrapbooking...

It's just your imagination that sets limits

Happy Creating;)
Anki J

Freebie Sunday, week 38, Hand made label

Hi there,

Happy Sunday and time for a new Freebie. This week I have made a "Hand made" label, that you can
modify in your Silhouette Studio Software, or just use it as it is. I made it as a print and cut for the Silhouette sticker paper.

And I have made a Tutorial  How to Print and Cut Stickers with  Silhouette Studio.
And here you have the Tutorial for How to Curve Text with  Silhouette Studio.

Happy Creating;)
Anki J

Save Your Designs to Silhouette Studio Library

Hi there,
Today I have some tips for you to save your Designs to Silhouette Studio Library so you can find it again.

First, you have to create your design in Silhouette Studio. In this case, I use my own design Girl-Owl.

Once the design is set up, go to FILE > SAVE AS > SAVE TO LIBRARY.

Once the dialog box is open, you'll need to look at the right hand side to the EDIT PROPERTIES window and complete the necessary information. If you can't see "Edit Properties" just double click on the design you going to save. File name and Description are pretty obvious, but Keywords is the part that I really wanted to share with you.

Keywords is where you'll list all the keywords you can think of that pertain to this particular cut file. Keywords is what will enable you to search for this particular design without having to remember the exact title! Isn't that exciting? Be sure to list as many keywords as you can think of, better safe than sorry!
And to put more keywords in there, just click on the + or if you wold like to delete one keyword, mark it and then hit -.

I also LOVE entering my own name in the Artist area, made me feel special, and I know I am.

Next you can try it out! Open your Silhouette Studio library as usual and enter those keywords at the top! Your design will pop up right away! Since you were so generous with your keywords earlier, locating your design will be a piece of cake!

I put in my granddaughters name there because that is what I going to use it for, and for me that is a good search word on this litle cute one. (it is going to be a freebie for you soon)

And that's how you can easily keyword and search your Silhouette Studio library!

Happy Creating;)
Anki J

Pimped my Silhouette Cameo

Hi there,
how nice isn't this one!  I just love my Cameo and of course I pimped it, as you can see it is Cameo 1.

I found the Free phrase at Kerri Bradfords Blog. I cut it out in black and dark pink (my favo).
And for the display/control panel I have bought the design from Silhouette, Design ID #42709, so I cut that out in the sam dark pink color as the phrase.

I love this easy way  to make my Silhouette looks like "Me", and when I get tired of it, I'm just make a new one!

Happy Creating;)
Anki J

Freebie Sunday week 37, Tealight Card Template

Hi there

Last year I made a youtube video How to make a TeaLight card. It was very tricky to measuring and cutting out the templates by hand, so I decided to make my own template for Silhouette, and here you can see the result.

I put the youtube video here to so you know how beautiful TeaLight cards you can make!

Happy Creating;)

Anki J

How-to use Silhouette #SketchPens for Envelopes in Silhouette Studio Software

Hi there,
How-to use Silhouette Sketch Pens for a beautiful design on Envelopes, can you imagine that!

Short story: When I was in school long long time a go, my first teacher always said that I could not wright nice, so that have follow me all my life.
Every time I have to wright something to give away I really don't like it, my teachers voice is in my head.
But with these Sketch Pens I can just say WOW, now I can wright it out and it looks like a pro.

So todays Tutorial is that subject.

In Silhouette Studio Designer Edition,

  1. Draw a rectangel 5,5 x 5,5" that is the same size as my envelope.
  2. Open the Text Tool and click some where on the page where you will type your text,a big/small blue thing turn up where you should start your typing, and don't worry we are going to move it to the envelope when finished.
  3. Open your "Text Style Window" and chose your text style, mine is Batang, if you don't have it you can google on Free Fonts Batang. I also put in the Text size to 34 pt, but that is not necessary, you can change it later. Put your cursor on the Blue blinking thing (don't have a word for it), and type the address. When finished click outside the green box and you now can do the size changes and also if you would likte to change the Font Style. And if you have made any mistake in the text, just double click on the text to make the green frame around it and then change it.
  1. Open the "Cut Settings"
  2. Mark your Envelope box/rectangel
  3. Mark it to "No CUT"

  1. Mark your text
  2. Open "Cut Settings", and make sure to mark the CUT, otherwise the text will not be written.
  3. Scroll down to "Material Type and chose "Silhouette Sketch Pen".  Load your Envelope to the Silhouette Cutter and hit the Send to Silhouette button.

Here you can see the finished result. Lovely isn't it.

Happy Creating;)
Anki J

How to Print and Cut Stickers.

Hi there,

todays tutorial is How to print out Stickers in Silhouette Studio Design software, I think you also can make it in the free software, here you can download the Free Silhouette Software.

I  created my own design. And I made it  1,2". 
So you can start here, or download my design here

  1. Draw a circle, and open the Offset tool.
  2. Make an Internal offset
  3. Give it a weight so it prints, in the "Line" tool.
  4. Type out your text. In this Tutorial, you can see, how to make a text curve. 
  5. Turn on the cut edge line ONLY on the outer circle just like you would for a print and cut
And when you are finished with your design follow this easy steps;

  1. Open the Design Page Settings.
  2. Set the (in this case) width to 8.5" x 11" (sorry about the piccture) for the size of the Silhouette printabel white sticker paper.

Mark your design and open the Registration Marks and set the Style as above, or if you have Type 2 use that one.

Open the Replicate window and scroll down to "Fill Page", click on it and wait, wait and wait. Sometimes it take several minutes to fill the page, so be patient.

Remember to delete any stickers that are outside the safe cut line and those touching the gridded area.

Importent!! In cut settings, mark Cut Edge otherwise it would not be printed out.

I always FIRST print it out on copypaper, so I can see how it looks, I also cut the copy paper out in my Silhouette, if I have to make any adjustments.
I did use the Silhouette printable white sticker paper

Make sure you do a test cut, so you can see that it is cut properly. If not adjust the cutting knife.

My finsihed result with 2 different kinde of stickers, very useful for all purposes!

All materials are coming from

Happy Creating;)
Anki J

Freebie Sunday week 36, Banner

Hi there,
today I'm going to share a #FREESilhouette V3 file with you. I made this one past week in a class with Kerri Bradford Studio and they come out so cute that I have to share them as a FREEBIE. You can put your own word in there so it fit to your work in your Silhouette Studio software. 

Happy Creating:)
Anki J

How to make Text Curved in Silhouette Studio.

Hi there,

To make text curve around a circle in Silhouette Studio can be a little bit tricky.

Open Silhouette Studio and select the Draw an Ellipse tool.

A.  In the work area draw a circle, and to make it round hold down your "shift key" in the same time        that you draw your circel.

B.  Write your text, chose your fonts and text size in the Text Style Window.

C.  Double click the text so you get the bright green box around it.  

On the left side of the box, a little circle with directional arrows will appear.  Grab it and drag it over to the circle you drew.   The text will wrap around the circle.

You can move the text to position it exactly where you want it on the circle by dragging that little circle with the arrows around the circle or inside of it to get the text to wrap around the inside of the circle.
The small handle next to the litle circlecross, you can adjust how narrow you want your text to be to the circel line.

"right click"  convert to path. Now you can remove the circle and the text will stay in the exact shape, without the circle.

It is good to practise this exercise.

Work Bench Pop-up Card tutorial

Hi there,

today is my husbands birthday so I have made a nice Pop-up Card for him. He have just got his tool room, and he is soooo happy about it!

So I found and bought this lovely Work Bench card for him at Lori Whitlock's blog.
And she have also made a video on how to put it together, that I will share here with you!

Happy Creating;)
Anki J

New svg file in the Store

Hi there,

I have put together a very beautiful set of 8 Baking Canister Labels. You can
buy it for only 0.99$ for personal use.

Absolutely adorable

Here you can see how it looks when they are mounted on glass jars. I used "Printalbe clear sticker paper" from Silhouette and the setting options in Silhouette Studio is set to the clear sticker.

Happy Creating;)
Anki J

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