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How-to use Silhouette #SketchPens for Envelopes in Silhouette Studio Software

Hi there,
How-to use Silhouette Sketch Pens for a beautiful design on Envelopes, can you imagine that!

Short story: When I was in school long long time a go, my first teacher always said that I could not wright nice, so that have follow me all my life.
Every time I have to wright something to give away I really don't like it, my teachers voice is in my head.
But with these Sketch Pens I can just say WOW, now I can wright it out and it looks like a pro.

So todays Tutorial is that subject.

In Silhouette Studio Designer Edition,

  1. Draw a rectangel 5,5 x 5,5" that is the same size as my envelope.
  2. Open the Text Tool and click some where on the page where you will type your text,a big/small blue thing turn up where you should start your typing, and don't worry we are going to move it to the envelope when finished.
  3. Open your "Text Style Window" and chose your text style, mine is Batang, if you don't have it you can google on Free Fonts Batang. I also put in the Text size to 34 pt, but that is not necessary, you can change it later. Put your cursor on the Blue blinking thing (don't have a word for it), and type the address. When finished click outside the green box and you now can do the size changes and also if you would likte to change the Font Style. And if you have made any mistake in the text, just double click on the text to make the green frame around it and then change it.
  1. Open the "Cut Settings"
  2. Mark your Envelope box/rectangel
  3. Mark it to "No CUT"

  1. Mark your text
  2. Open "Cut Settings", and make sure to mark the CUT, otherwise the text will not be written.
  3. Scroll down to "Material Type and chose "Silhouette Sketch Pen".  Load your Envelope to the Silhouette Cutter and hit the Send to Silhouette button.

Here you can see the finished result. Lovely isn't it.

Happy Creating;)
Anki J

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