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How-To use the Grid in Silhouette Studio

Hi there,

here is a new short video on How to use the Grid in Silhouette Studio.

Happy Creating:)

Silhouette Studio V3 Line Segment Overcut to improve cuts

This video is from ScappyDiva.

Silhouette Tip of the Day!

Hi there,

I prefer to use the shortcuts in Silhouette Studio, it makes everything so much easier.

So today is my suggestion, to download the manual of Silhouette Studio, and go to the page "shortcuts" and print it out. Hang it up close to your PC/MAC so it easy to just throw an eye on it, when you are designing.

Happy Creating;)

Freebie Sunday, Christmas Tree + Tutorial Offset in Silhouette Studio

Hi there,
Happy Sunday and time for a new Freebie.
This week you are getting 2-in-1, the freebie and a tutorial on how to Offset in Silhouette Studio.

The Tutorial is a video that I think you easy can understand even if it's only music, about How-to Offset in with Silhouette Studio Design. My microfone is not working jet.

And I also have some nice pictures to share of what I did with m my Christmas Tree.

 First I use the sketch pens to wright the Christmas Tree, then I cut it out with Silhouette Cameo cutter

I mounted the Tree on my cards

I made the text for inside of my card.
It says Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
wishes from .....

  I trimmed it with my fiskars paper 
trimmer to fit my card.

Ready for put into the cards.

Finished Result!

Happy Creating;)
Anki J

Silhouette Tip Of The Day!

Hi there,

how do you avoid cutting out something that looks good in Silhouette Studio but is too big, too small, or the wrong proportions when you take it out of your cutting machine and realise that it is to late.

Have you done these BIG mistake, ruin your best cardstocks, vinyl or paper that you only had one of. I have done that to many times!!

So here is a very good tip how to avoid that expensive mistake:


Happy Creating;)

How-To Draw Simple Shapes in Silhouette Studio

Hi there,
here is a new How-To video about Draw Simple Shapes in Silhouette Studio. In the future you can look at it in the new tab, on the top menu bar, Silhuette Studio

New Free Design of the Week in Silhouette Design Store

Hi there,
Just a reminder that to day you can download a new Free Design in your Silhouette Design Store.

And if you are new to Silhouette Cutting machines you can see this short video on how to download it from Silhouette Design Store
If you not have the Silhouette Software downloaded on your computer you can download it here from Silhouette America, and that is also free.

This blog post is approved by Silhouette America.

Addicted to Fonts

Hi there,

and Yes I'm really addicted to #Fonts at the moment, and it is hard to force my self not to download all of them.
When you have a lot of fonts and images in your Silhouette Studio, it takes longer time to open, so be careful.

This website Cool Text, have some really good Dingbats and Dingfonts, Free to download, and they even can make a logo for you.

This was my firts choice for Halloween

Happy Halloween From Cool Text
Image by Cool Text: Free Logos and Buttons - Create An Image Just Like This

But the Dingfonts were those that catch my eyes, and I did download just a few, to see how they works in Silhouette Studio.

Freebie Sunday, week 42, Fresh Baked Tag

Hi there,

Happy Sunday and time for a new Freebie.

This week I have made a lovely Tag for my dear friend Bom. She loves to cook and to bake, and she always give her friends, a piece, whatever she have made. I found a cute glass jar to put the tags into.

I first made a design in Silhouette Studio Design, that I decorated as abow.
Printed and cutted it out in my Silhouette Cameo 1, and allso made the offseted background. 

 Distressed the outer edge of the white piece with Tim Holtz Distress Ink -vintage photo-.

 Made 2 holes for the brads on each side on the printed piece.
 Put some 3D-tape on the backside of the printed piece. Merried them together and made a hole thru both pieces in the corner for the ribbon.

And here is the finished result!

 I can say that my friend was over thrilled for it.

Happy Creation;)
Anki J

New Tab Silhouette Studio

Hi there,

I have put a new tab at the top of my menubar. 

Silhouette Studio

Here I'm going to share short videos about how the Tools work in Silhouette Studio and Designer Edition, and there are going to be more videos as quick I can make them.

Jump in and look what I can offer you!

Happy Creating;)

A Beautiful day a Sea

Hi there,
Today we have been at the Sea and a  cluster of islands, outside where we are living here in Thailand.

have to share some of the photos with you.

This rocking chair is standing on the beach ( and a small island), and have been there for about 5 years...

Koh manai

Koh Talu

And heres is the bad wether close to Koh Samed, chased us home!

Happy Creating;)
Anki J

My favorite Fonts

Hi there,
These Fonts are my favorites, and you can download them for free just by click on the font
that You like down here. 

The websites, for free fonts, that I usely use are DaFont, The Fonty - Font finder and 1001 freefonts
You can also buy some gorgeous fonts, and here is a link to Mighty Deals that I can recommend.

Happy Creation;)
Anki J

Breast Cancer

Hi there,

October is a Pink month to pay attention to all strong women and families who are fighting breast cancer.

Life rushes forward in a mighty momentum with family, work, friends, leisure, and everything that makes life worth living.
But then something happens and you stop and wonder how could this happen to me?

The cancer took my mother's life in 2000.

Breast cancer sufferers me and my family in 2010, when I was only 49 years. The diagnosis was the most dangerous kind, there were many surgeries, chemotherapy and radiation for 1 year. I lost my hair and felt terribly bad.
But we did it, my family and me.

Without my husband, I had never survived.

To all women out there who are fighting breast cancer. Do not give up

Happy Creation;)
Anki J

Patterned Vinyl - How about that!

Hi there,
new week and time to work...

Yesterday I stumbled on this site, and they are selling
"Patterned Vinyl". How cool isn't that!
They also have a member group on FB, type in New Chance Vinyl and you should find it there.

So lovely, but for me, that are living outside US, it looks like they don't ship abroad, sorry for me.

Happy Creating;)
Anki J

Freebie Sunday, week 41, Girl-Owl Painting for Keyla

Hi there,
Happy Sunday and time for a new Freebie, and tutorial.
This week I have made a beautiful painting to one of my granddaughters. I hope she is going to be happy for it.

And here is the tutorial for it, but you can also cut it out in vinyl.

I started to paint my canvas (15,5 x 12 ") white, 
Cutted out the Free Girl-Owl on some vinyl that I don't use, And remember to cut out all the lines.
Put the vinyl on the canvas, litle bit tricky to get is straight,

 Draw a line round the pattern.
 Used the folkArt paint
Started with the black eyes and eyelashes, just pull out the vinyl, and paint them black, and move on to next color and so on, untill the hole painting is filled with color.
 This is how mine look when it was half way through the process. And I have to make two layers of color.
 A close up, and as you can see, the eyelashes, you have to paint over them with the pink paint, and make them as the last thing you do, except for sign your work!

 Nearly finished, when all the vinyl is gone, look so all the lines are sharp and clear, if not, paint some more there.

I also cut out my granddaughters name "Keyla" in vinyl, and paint that in black. So know I have to make some more for the other grandkids. Looking forward for that.

Happy Creating;)
Anki J

What to do with Leftovers of Vinyl?

Hi there,
Yes, wat can we use our "leftovers" of Vinyl?
I started to have a ton of them now.
So I sorted the colors and put the "ugly" one aside to use as a stencil, for painting on canvas, fabric and even on walls.

Here is how I made these lovely cushions for our bedroom.

I started in the Silhouette Studio and took a look in "my library", and find some really nice phrases to use. Life is beautiful from designer Basic Grey and I do believe in fairies from Silhouette. And I also made the Letters A, & and B for me and my husbands first letter in our names

I made them to fit the fabric and cut them out on my leftover vinyl,

Painted them in Fabric color. Before I painted them I put some paper inside the cushions so the paint couldn't go thru to the backside of it.

 The finished painted Fairies. Before I put them on my cushions, I ironed them, so I can wash them in the future.

I'm so happy with the result!

Happy Creating;)
Anki J

Print out the Color Chart with your printer. Nu på Svenska!

Hi there,

I have notice that my two printers don't come out with the same colors when I print out same designs, so I did a Color Chart, same as in Silhouette Studio Software.
Printed it out on my two printers and what I notice was that there is not the same colors.

My printer in Thailand is a HP deskjet and in Sweden I have a Epson.

So I thought maybe someone else have the same problem. Below here you can find the SVG file
for it just click on the picture.

Hej på er,
jag har märkt att min 2 skrivare inte skriver ut samma färger när jag använder dem på samma design.
Så jag gjorde ett färgschema samma som Silhouette Studios.
Skrev ut det med mina olika printrar och då såg jag att nyansskillnaden var stor.

Min skrivare i Thailand är en HP deskjet och i Sverige har jag en Epson.

Så här nedan kan du skrivat ut färgschemat på din skrivare för att se hur den kommer att se ut vid utskrift. Bara klicka på bilden så kommer du till nedladdnings sidan.

 This is how it came out on my HP printer and the setting for this paper. I wrote on it which settings I used, so I can remember next time I would like to use this paper to see how the color going to look like when printed out.

Så här blev min utskrift på min HP skrivare och inställningen för detta papper. Jag noterade på utskriften för att veta vilket papper jag använt. OBS! Du måste göra en utskrift för varje kvalitet du har tänkt att skriva på.

Hope that you find this information interesting.

Happy Creating;)
Anki J

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