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Birthday Card for Leo Tutorial

Hi there,
today it is my grandson Leo's 8 birthday. Wow the time is rushing, it feels like he was just a baby a few years ago.
Leo love to play Minecraft so I decided to make a Birthday Card in that theme.

I google on maincraft paper, I always select images when I do a search, and I found some good backgrounds for Free here.
Downloaded it in to Silhouette Studio Software and made the size 5,25 x 5,25" for the Green Grass Block Wallpaper.

Then I made the black "Creeper" just by put together black blocks, also the black and white blocks was made in the sam way. 
To make two of the black/white image I just hit the "Replicate Window" in my Studio Software, on the top bar menu, and hit the button "Duplicate Below" (I just use one of them).

The Brown/Green Grass Block Wallpaper had the size 5,0 x 2,0".

In the "Text styles Window", I selected the text font Murmers for Leo's name and also for the "Congrats" but in Swedish (GRATTIS).

So here it how the front side looks on the finished card.

And inside the card I made the Leo sign like this, and as You can see In the last minute I decided to make a "Offset" round Leo's name in white, to make it stand out a litle bit.

 Mounted the namesign on the Brown/Green Grass block paper.

And here is the finished result for the inside card.

Happy Creating;)
Anki J

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