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How-to Trace a pattern

Hi there,
I found this website, Free Arts and Crafts Designs a LOT of designs to use, and it is FREE, oh we love that! I have permission to share this from Free Arts and Crafts Designs.
So how can we get the pattern into our Silhouette Studio?

  •  I love flowers so for me it was easy to chose a pattern. The Single Rose.Just copy the image you like and paste it into  Silhouette Studio.

  1. At the Top Toolbar you open the Trace window
  2. Select Trace Area

  1. Select Trace Area
  2. Make a the Trace Area around the pattern 
  3. Trace, when you can see the yellow color on your tracing pattern
With this pattern it is easy, but some time it can be more tricky to get the pattern, you have to try different options with High Pass Filter or Low Pass Filter or Threshold, for me the Threshold works best, but that depend on the pattern you are going trace. And remember you have to uncheck the filter you don't going to use.

  • Separate the traced pattern from the copy one, and delet the copy one (black)
  • Now you have a pattern ready to work with 

  1. Mark your pattern by click on it, to get a box around it. We have to release the pattern by Open the Object window in the Left Top Toolbar. select, in the bottom, "Release Compound Path". Remember that you now have a lot of pieces of the pattern.
  2. Open Fill Color window, fill with red.
  3. Open Line Color window, 
  4. Select white
Now you have a beautiful Rose to work with, but I also have to show you how to Fill Gradient

  1. Open the Fill Gradient at the left Top Toolbar.
  2. Select the red gradient.
  3. Group the pattern so it's in one piece, by select the "Group Selected Shape" tool in the Bottom Toolbar.
 Save your new pattern and make it personal if you wish, but remember, if you would like to play with it, make a copy NOW.

Happy Creating;)
Anki J

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