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What to do with Leftovers of Vinyl?

Hi there,
Yes, wat can we use our "leftovers" of Vinyl?
I started to have a ton of them now.
So I sorted the colors and put the "ugly" one aside to use as a stencil, for painting on canvas, fabric and even on walls.

Here is how I made these lovely cushions for our bedroom.

I started in the Silhouette Studio and took a look in "my library", and find some really nice phrases to use. Life is beautiful from designer Basic Grey and I do believe in fairies from Silhouette. And I also made the Letters A, & and B for me and my husbands first letter in our names

I made them to fit the fabric and cut them out on my leftover vinyl,

Painted them in Fabric color. Before I painted them I put some paper inside the cushions so the paint couldn't go thru to the backside of it.

 The finished painted Fairies. Before I put them on my cushions, I ironed them, so I can wash them in the future.

I'm so happy with the result!

Happy Creating;)
Anki J

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