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Etching on Wine Glass.

Hi there,

Ooh... I'm so exited. I'm invited to  a wedding and for this I have etched 6 wine glass with a monogram for the wedding couple.

I made the monogram and the wedding date in Silhouette Studio, and cut it out on my Cameo. I used some alcohol to clean the surface with. Here you can see when I have applied the stencil on the glass before the etching.

I used this brand of etching crème that I bought in Sweden.

I put on gloves to protect my hands when I aplicated the etching crème. I Strongly recommended that you READ on your etching crème how to use it!

The time for the etching crème was 15 minutes for this brand, after that I return the crème into the original container for re-use, I flush etched surface with water to remove remaining crème before I removed the stencil.

Finished result of the Etched monogram glass!

Happy Creating;)

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  1. Svar
    1. Den kan nog vara svår att få tag i i Sverige, men jag vet att flera har beställt den från MDP i England. Finns säkert på eBay också


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