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Freebie Sunday, Dingbat Card

Hi there,

and Happy Sunday, time for a new Freebie. Since I have talk alot and shared some webistes about Dingbats, I made a Christmas card using the Dingbats, you can allso use it as a Christmas decoration.

I made some Christmas cards and I had some trouble to cut it out, because the lines was a little bit too thin. So I made a thin offset around it to make the lines thicker, and that worked. The offset is in the free design that you can download.

But I decide to use my gel pens and the Blue Silhouette Pen holder. The Brand I use here on the picture is 'Sense', and I don't know where I found them.

Here you can se the gel pen in my Cameo 1.

And the finished result of the printed snowstars, ready to glue on the card. 
And here you also can see that I cutted out the snowstars (blue) and the offset/gelpen pieces.

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