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3D-Painting as a Wedding Gift

Hi there,

I made this 3D-painting with thoughtful words as a wedding gift, and the couple that got it was very pleased with it, and so was I

How to make in Silhouette Studio:

I found this lovely phrase in Silhouette Store, and for this purpose it was perfect. I don't have the #ID for it but if you search for "for better of worse" I think you can find it.

I adjust the phrase to fit in to my painting/canvas and then cutted it out in my Cameo 1 on vinyl.
Stick it to the painting/canvas and then put some Relief Pasta, the brand I used is "Art Collection", on the words as thick as I could. Let it dry and then remove the vinyl, don't forget the small parts inside the letters.

 Now it should look like this!

I painted everything in black acrylic, I let it dry for  a couple of hours. I colored the words, also with acrylic paint, with with different colors as you can see on the finished result at the top of this short tutorial.

Happy Creating;)

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