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How-to Decorate a Paper bag with Silhouette Cameo/Portrait/Curio.

Hi there,

It is so easy to make a dull paper bag into a personal paper gift bag!



I used some vinyl for both of thes paper bags.
And for the "Made Just for You" I make it like this:

I open Silhouette Studio and in the library I found the perfect word for this paper bag,
you can buy it from the Design Store or make your own, I don't have the #Id for it but 
you can search for "Made Just for You", this is a Samantha Walker design.
I modify it to fit my paper bag.

  1. First Ungroupe the phrase, Then Mark the first wordfilling
  2. Groupe those
  3. and do the same with the phrase "Made Just For You". Now you can move them easily.

  1. Open the Grid Window and select "Show Grid" adjust the 2 groups, I cut mine in Grey vinyl and for the phrase I use pink vinyl, as you can see on the picture above. I always try to cut out only one time, so I put the grey vinyl at the top and the pink at the bottom of the cutting mat.
  2. Open the Cut Setting
  3. Select the Cut Style for Selected Shape, and "Cut"
  4. Select Vinyl Material Type.
  5. Be sure to adjust your cutting blade before you hit "Send to Silhouette"

Attach the gray vinyl on paper bag, then mount the pink vinyl over the gray one, decorated with ribbon, pearls and whatever you have in your stash

Above is a nice paper bag I made for a wedding!

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