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Freebie Sunday, Bookmark

Hi there,
and Happy Sunday, time for a new Freebie.

I love to read when I'm not design in Silhouette Studio, so I decided to make a lovely bookmark and of course I would like to share it with you.

 Happy Creating;)

Organize your Plastic Pocket Folders.

Hi there,

When I'm planning my projects I have some plastic pocket folders, and below here you can see how I
organize them.
I have chosen different colors on the pockets, and in Silhouette Studio I made the text:
Weekly planning, To Do and Ideas and as you can see here below I made them in Swedish.
The Free Font I use is Waltograph from DaFont.

I made the font in differents colors and size.

This have made my blogging easyer, and more organized.

Happy Creating;) 

Silhouette Tip of the Day!

Hi there

here is the Silhouette Tip of the Day.

When you are designing in Silhouette Studio, use the Pantone Color Institute to get inspiration colors to use in your design.

Happy Creating;)

Freebie Sunday, Print and Cut Planner Stickers for February

Hi there,
and Happy Sunday, time for a new Freebie.

I'm a little bit addicted to stickers, and who aren't? They are very handy in your daily
planning, these are made in Valentines theme for February month.
The Stickers are made as a Print and Cut.

Happy Creating;)

Silhouette Tip of the Day!

Hi there,

Ooh... this is so important, to BACK UP and SAVE your Silhouette Studio Library files to a USB memory or as me I made 2 USB, in case one of them are broken, You never know.

You need to have the latest version of  Silhouette Studio v3

Open up your Silhouette Studio

  1. Open your library in Silhouette Studio
  2. Select "Show All Designs"
  3. Select where you would like to save your library, in this case I have a new USB and I rename it to "Silhouette", make a filname and hit OK. If your Library have a lot of files this will take a couple of minutes.
Before You move on to step 3, open File at the top of your menu bar, go down to Library and select
Export Library.

Now move back to Step 3 above.

I also put a sticker on my USB that says Silhouette files, so I don't mix it with other USB's in my stash.

You know that all your purchase or free files from Silhouette Store is just to restore in the Silhouette Store. 
And to save every thing in your library is just a secure way that you don't forget to save any files that you have made, but of course  you can download only "My own designs".

Be sure that you at least do this back up ones a week, You DON'T want to loose your hard work!

Happy Creating;)

Silhouette Tip of the Day!

Hi there,

and time for a new Silhouette Tip.
If you haven't a  clue what to create or your head is absolutely empty, you can visiting Pinterest


Type in what ever you like to make for your design and you have many creative choise out there.

Happy Creating;)

Freebie Sunday, a cute Bow!

Hi there,
and Happy Sunday, time for a new Freebie.

Made a cute bow to use in digitaldesign or cut it out for card decoration etc

Happy Creating;)

Finding your Dingbats

I love to use the dingbats in my designs because they are already made, spare me a lot of work.
But it is hard to know what are hiding behind those letters...

So I figured out that in NexusFont I can browse them easely, and this is for PC users, for MAC I think you have a similar software already installed.

  1. Type in the hole alphabet in both uppercase and lowercase
  2. increase the size, I mostly use 22, so I can see the Dingbats
  3. Type in ding and there you have them.

The dingbats that not have the word "dingbats" in their font name will not show up here. And I have some really nice dingbats like MellowFonts1 and for those I just have to type the font name into the search box to browse them.

How-To make a small card with Silhouette Cameo/Portrait.

Hi there,
and time for a new short tutorial of these small cards. Very handy to give away!

I use the cherries above here, that I made a cute paper to use in this tutorial. You can download the cherriepaper here

I started my Silhouette Studio, open up the cherriepaper and made a new Rectangle, size H5" x W6", made a scoring/folding line into the middle of the card.

Tip!: You can draw a Rounded rectangle, then you don't have to cut the corners later in the tutorial.

Downloaded the Banners and changed the text on it, make a copy and paste it on your small card

Remember that you have to design your card like the picture down here, with the cherripaper and the banner to the left side in your rectangle.
When you are finished with your design send it to your make it to a Print and Cut by hit "m" on your keyboard. When the paper are dry put it on your cuttingmat to cut it out in your Silhouette cutter.

I decorated my small cards and on this one with the ribbon, I had to made a insert that I glued inside my ribbon card.

Decorate the outside and personalize it.

Thanks for watching this short and simple tutorial.
I have made a video of some other small cards you can look at them here
Hope to see you soon again!

Freebie Sunday, Cherries

Hi there,
and Happy Sunday, time for a new Freebie.

So much to create with these litle cherries...

Happy Creating;)

Create a Custom Color Palette in Silhouette Studio.

Hi there,

here is a easy way to make a #ColorPalette in #SilhouetteStudio. Good to have when you have found a nice picture/photo that you just love the colors in, and would like to use it in another design in the future.

Open your Silhouette Studio, and import the picture/photo that have the colors you are looking for, to use on your next design.

Down here you can see that I have add some circles, ready to fill with colors. I like to have them aligned, but that is just me.

  1. Mark the first circle
  2. Open the Fill Color Windows
  3. mark the color dropper tool
  4. and put your mouse over the color that you would like to have in your circle, and just click. Voila! The circle is filled. Repeat 1-4 with rest of the circles.

When you are finished
  1. Mark your color circles by pull the mouse over them
  2. Select the "Group" tool.
Now you can delete the picture/photo and then save your new Color Palette, "Rose Palette".

By making a new map on your desktop and put all your color palettes there, it is easy to download theme into Silhouette Studio, whenever you need them.

Happy Creating;)

Silhouette Tip of the Day!

Hi there,

I love textures in my designs, and I found a piece of nice fabric in my stash that I put into my printer/scanner, and it come out as a lovely pattern that I saved into Silhouette Studio.

So dig into your stash or ask some friends if they have some nice fabric to share with you.

Happy Creating ;)

Silver Bullet vs Silhouette Cameo Cutting Speed

Ohh I would like to have a Silver Bullet, cost a lot more but as far as I can see it is worth the money!! 

The Silver Bullet can cut in thicker material and engraving on metal etc...

Freebie Sunday, #Etching on Glass

Hi there,
and Happy Sunday, time for the new years first Freebie.

This was a gift for one of my friends and I would like to share it with you, sorry that I did not photo the very nice finished result,  I did put some orange colored foot salt in it, and the smell was lovely, and the glass jar was those to put cotton balls in, that I etched. You can also make it with #vinyl.

Happy Creating and 2016 ;)

Happy 2016!!

Hi there,
and Happy 2016!

Wow time goes really fast when you have fun, I wonder how fast 2016 will go?

I have made a new Amazon Store that you can visit under the "Store" tab, at the moment it's only the Silhouette brand there but I also going to put in other items that I love or use. So just jump in and have a look!

Happy New Creating Year! 

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