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Create a Custom Color Palette in Silhouette Studio.

Hi there,

here is a easy way to make a #ColorPalette in #SilhouetteStudio. Good to have when you have found a nice picture/photo that you just love the colors in, and would like to use it in another design in the future.

Open your Silhouette Studio, and import the picture/photo that have the colors you are looking for, to use on your next design.

Down here you can see that I have add some circles, ready to fill with colors. I like to have them aligned, but that is just me.

  1. Mark the first circle
  2. Open the Fill Color Windows
  3. mark the color dropper tool
  4. and put your mouse over the color that you would like to have in your circle, and just click. Voila! The circle is filled. Repeat 1-4 with rest of the circles.

When you are finished
  1. Mark your color circles by pull the mouse over them
  2. Select the "Group" tool.
Now you can delete the picture/photo and then save your new Color Palette, "Rose Palette".

By making a new map on your desktop and put all your color palettes there, it is easy to download theme into Silhouette Studio, whenever you need them.

Happy Creating;)

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