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How-To make a small card with Silhouette Cameo/Portrait.

Hi there,
and time for a new short tutorial of these small cards. Very handy to give away!

I use the cherries above here, that I made a cute paper to use in this tutorial. You can download the cherriepaper here

I started my Silhouette Studio, open up the cherriepaper and made a new Rectangle, size H5" x W6", made a scoring/folding line into the middle of the card.

Tip!: You can draw a Rounded rectangle, then you don't have to cut the corners later in the tutorial.

Downloaded the Banners and changed the text on it, make a copy and paste it on your small card

Remember that you have to design your card like the picture down here, with the cherripaper and the banner to the left side in your rectangle.
When you are finished with your design send it to your make it to a Print and Cut by hit "m" on your keyboard. When the paper are dry put it on your cuttingmat to cut it out in your Silhouette cutter.

I decorated my small cards and on this one with the ribbon, I had to made a insert that I glued inside my ribbon card.

Decorate the outside and personalize it.

Thanks for watching this short and simple tutorial.
I have made a video of some other small cards you can look at them here
Hope to see you soon again!

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