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Finding your Dingbats

I love to use the dingbats in my designs because they are already made, spare me a lot of work.
But it is hard to know what are hiding behind those letters...

So I figured out that in NexusFont I can browse them easely, and this is for PC users, for MAC I think you have a similar software already installed.

  1. Type in the hole alphabet in both uppercase and lowercase
  2. increase the size, I mostly use 22, so I can see the Dingbats
  3. Type in ding and there you have them.

The dingbats that not have the word "dingbats" in their font name will not show up here. And I have some really nice dingbats like MellowFonts1 and for those I just have to type the font name into the search box to browse them.

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