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How-to make Italic fonts in Silhouette Studio.

Hi there,

How in the earth can I make a Italic font when the Italic is grey in the font Style tool?
*First you need the Silhouette Designer Edition*

  1. Type in the words that you would like to make Italic, from the Text tool Windows
  2. I chose the Bebas Neue font style
  3. And here you can see that this font is not possible to select Italic in the Font Style, and you can see that it is greyed out. (same with Bold)

  1. Mark the word that you would like to change
  2. Open up the Shear Window and on the words in the workspace you can now see small handles

  1. You can make the words lean to the right or left several ways, by selecting the Horizontal Shear 15º or,
  2. 30º  and so on...
  3. You can also select the Custom Horizontal Shear by dragging the handle until you are satisfied.
 Play around with this so that you know how the words respond on different "Shear"

Happy Creating;)

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